The coffee Industry recognizes Keurig as the most reputable brand providing users with user-friendly coffee makers with advanced features. Keurig has launched an array of 80 coffee makers now. Although most of them are discontinued, 13 coffee makers are currently available.

Keurig K-Duo
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Among all of them, K-Duo is the most loved coffee maker. K-Duo, the company’s flagship product, has gained immense popularity among coffee enthusiasts. K-Duo can sometimes cause problems in working like every other coffee maker, and the best way to solve the problem is to troubleshoot it while getting to the bottom of the problem.

Every complex machine will encounter issues that will hinder its performance. The best way to avoid trouble is to know your machine and know how to fix it while troubleshooting the problem; here we are with common problems faced by Keurig- Duo and the step-by-step solutions to troubleshoot and fix the problems:

Problems faced by Keurig K-Duo with their solutions:

Here are the commonly faced problems by the users of K-Duo with their solutions:

1. Dysfunctioning of Low Water Sensor

Low Water is a sensor or float mechanism used by coffee makers to detect the levels of water and alarm when the water levels are lower than a certain threshold. There can be problems with the low water sensor causing it to falsely alarm about the low water levels, malfunctioning of the water sensor, Blockage of the low water sensor, and false water level detection.

The low water sensor detects the level of water in the water reservoirs. The water reservoir is attached to the coffee maker via two pipes. One pipe is connected to the water sensor, and the other is attached to the pump. When the low water sensor is not working properly, it signals ‘ADD WATER” every time you turn the machine on.

First, to fix the issue, ensure the machine is not plugged in. Start with simple techniques like adding some water to the reservoir plunger, pushing it gently with your thumb, and removing the air bubbles.

Repeat it two to three times, and if the problem does not disappear, there can be other reasons. To solve them, you have to open the machine’s back cover, which is done by gently sliding it backward and checking for the Blockage.


If the low water sensor is not working properly, Blockage of the pipes can be the reason. To check this, check the pipe connecting the water reservoir and the sensor for Blockage. The other end of the pipe has an outer vent connected to it, which can be blocked with any particles or bugs.

If you see any blockage remove it gently and fix the pipe again, allowing the smooth flow of water from the reservoir to the sensor.

2. Fixing K-Duo that won’t brew Coffee:

If the K-Duo is not brewing the Coffee, the pipe you need to check connects the water reservoir and the pump. The brewing problem can be because of the debris accumulation in the pipe. If there is any, gently remove the pipe, rinse, and fix it. If the problem doesn’t go away by cleaning the pipe, you may need to restart the machine by holding the power button for a while and then unplugging the machine. The problem can be due to the malfunctioning of the motor. In that case, you might need to replace the machine.

3. Getting rid of the bad-tasting Coffee by Keurig Duo:

Buying Keurig K-Duo and investing significant money means you are a coffee enthusiast. Having a K-Duo and still compromising on the taste is quite unfair. This problem is common, and users complain about the bad-tasting Coffee.

The taste depends upon the K-cup you are using. If you have yet to change the K-cup once, it is probably the taste of the K-cups you are not liking. If you have been using the K-Duo for a while and the flavor suddenly changed to a bad one, the reason can be the machine clogging with the older coffee grains.

These grains can keep accumulating and affect the taste of the new Coffee. A bad taste can be a good indication for you to clean the machine.

4. Troubleshooting K-Duo Water dispensing Problem

If you have a K-Duo, you must know the problem when the machine won’t dispense water. This can be a problem if your K-Duo is familiar and you can’t return it.

The problem is due to the debris accumulated in the opening of the water reservoir that won’t let the water pump dispense the water, and you will hear a grinding noise every time you pump the water. To troubleshoot the issue, follow these simple steps:

  • Take the water reservoir out.
  • Empty it.
  • Refill it to one-third of its capacity
  • Shake the water around the reservoir
  • Spill the Water out
  • Turn it upside down and tap the floor for few times.
  • Find the opening of the water reservoir and check if it’s unclogged
  • Make sure the opening is fully clean and fix the water reservoir again

Another problem that can cause the water not to dispense is the air trapped in the machine, hindering the ability of the motor to pump water. For this, you need to shake the machine in various ways so that the air can get out. If the water starts dispensing after that, ensure you avoid air accumulation in the reservoir next time by filling it before it empties.

You can also insert a trey baster in the reservoir where the machine and water reservoir connect. This should be done with some water already in the reservoir. After the insertion, force a few bursts of water, and it will remove any particles that are clogging the pipe. This water will be cloudy as it contains debris and dirt, but after a few bursts, you will start getting clear water, and the delicious Coffee K-Duo is known for.

Thorough Cleaning Guide for K-Duo

Besides the major problems, there can be minor problems that you can easily fix if you know how to clean your K-Duo properly. Here is a step-by-step guide on cleaning your K-Duo:

1. Cleaning the Bottom Needles in the Keurig

For this, you have to open the machine’s top cover gently. Here you will find K-cups and bottom baskets. We want to change the bottom needle placed on the bottom basket. It can be removed by applying a little pressure as it is not sharp.

The basket has two halves that can be separated by gently twisting it. Make sure the pockets in the other half of the basket are clean by dusting them off or cleaning them with water. The upper half of the basket with the needle can be cleaned using a pointy needle or pin to clean the small hole that may get clogged by coffee grains.

Clean it thoroughly in the sink by running water through it. Finally, join both basket halves and ensure the grooves fit well in the tabs.

2. Cleaning the top needles in the K-Duo

You must be more careful when cleaning the top needle, which is sharp, pointed, and attached to the machine cover. For cleaning the top needle with three holes, you need a needle or pin with a pointed end that you can move back and forth gently into the holes.

Be careful about the pipes attached to the needles. We want to avoid entering them. After the cleaning, ensure the water runs smoothly when you close the machine; if not, repeat the procedure.

3. Cleaning the basket

The needle basket is the place where you place the K-cup pods. It has a needle fixed to it, so you must be careful. Apply a little pressure at the bottom of the basket, and it will pop out.

Clean it thoroughly, as it has reservoirs of ground coffee, and the grains can get stuck. Fix the basket back according to the locks and the gaps.

4. Re-assembling the K-Duo

Fixing many problems related to the clogging in which the leakage is also included may require you to disassemble the K-Duo if you want to fix it on your own. Here is a guide on how you re-assemble your K-Duo:

  • Unscrew the five screws on the bottom of the machine.
  • When the screws are unscrewed, you will see a thermostat and a brown wire on the left side, and you can check if something is wrong with them.
  • You will see a water tank holder, water tubes, and water sensor that you can check for any clogging that causes many problems in dispensing Coffee, water, and leakage.
  • On the left side, you will also find the air pumps, which need replacing if K-Duo gives 6 cups of Coffee instead of 12.

5. Resetting your K-Duo

Resting the K-Duo can fix the functional problems as well. Here is how you do it:

  • First, press the power button
  • For five seconds, press the 10 oz and 80 oz brew buttons

This will reset your coffee maker to its factory setting.

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